Sunday, February 28, 2021

BW9: Fictional Librarian - The Librarian once known as Dr. Horace Worblehat

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Goodbye February, it's been fun.  Grab ahold of the rope ladder and climb back aboard the good ship Pumdeg Dau o Lyfrau for our March travels through the parallel universe of  Terry Pratchett's Discworld.  Our guide is our fictional librarian of the month - The Librarian, once known as Dr. Horace Worblehat. He was changed into an orangutan by a beam of magic, decided he liked it and didn't want to be changed back to a human so had his name excised from all records. 

There are a variety of ways to complete this challenge with plenty of rabbit trails. Read a book with one or more of the following (but not limited to) and have fun exploring:

  • Spell out the first and/or last name of the character's name - one book per letter from the title on the cover
  • Spell out the first and/or last name of the author - one book per letter 
  • Read one or more books in the series.
  • Read any book written by the author
  • Follow in a character's footsteps and read a book set in the country or time period of the story.
  • Follow in the author's footsteps and read a book set in their place or time of birth.
  • Read a book with the first or last name of the character or author in the title.

Count of Monte Cristo Readalong:

We all got off to a slow start, so I'm throwing in a week to catch up and finish reading through Chapter 12. I'm enjoying the story so far.  The characters are fascinating, the imagery and emotions so vivid.  I'm reading it slowly, absorbing the nuances and tidbits, the  politics, the footnotes to history. The narrator's similes and metaphors add character to the settings.  What do you think about Villefort and his father.? The reasons why Villefort throws Dante in prison? Dante's reaction to Chateau d'IF?  I'm reminded of Sir Walter Scott's quote - "Oh what a tangled web we weave, when we first practice to deceive."  


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