Sunday, November 22, 2020

BW47: Best of 2020

"Reading is like breathing in, Writing is like breathing out" ~ Pam Allyn     What a wonderful quote!  Reading to me is as necessary as breathing and writing has become much the same. I get grumpy without my daily dose of words.  I am ever so thankful for books and those who make them possible from the writers to the publishers to the online and brick mortar stores from whom I can satisfy my bookish sweet tooth.  Especially writers, as we are the beneficiary of  their creativity. They inspire, entertain, enrich our lives, teach us how to do new things, enlighten us with knowledge, make us laugh or cry, and ponder the meaning of history and life.  

From classic literature to comic books, there is a wide variety to satisfy every reading palate. As we head into the end of the year, the best of lists are being released and the desire is great to fill our shelves, both virtual and physical with those books we want to read. My year ends with an end of the year shopping extravaganza, before I institute a buying ban at the beginning of the new year.  Usually until April, sometimes longer, to give myself time to enjoy those which reside on my shelf for a bit before abandoning them to the temptation of the new. 

Ready for the best of the best?  Let's begin with New York Time's 100 Notable Books of 2020 and the 10 best books through time

According to Oprah, these are the best of 2020

Financial Times shares their 20 best from crime to history to economics.

Esquire presents 44 of the best books to elevate your reading list

Electric Literature offers up 20 Small Press Books you may have missed in 2020.

Five Books shares a plethora of  top 5 lists from award shortlists to audiobooks.

And let's not forget the Greatest Books  of all time. 

Stay tuned to NPR's Book Concierge who will be coming out with their year end interactive reading guide for 2020 in a couple weeks. Meanwhile 2013 to 2019 lists are available. 

Have fun following rabbit trails. 

Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours!


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  1. I love that quote, Robin! I definitely get grumpy when I don't have my daily dose of words as well. I have found this time during COVID when the libraries are closed or limited to be a great time to read the books I already own. I love your practice of stocking up and then not shopping and reading from your shelves. Very wise.

    1. Yep, If I'm able to put a bigger dent in the my tbr shelves next year that would be great. They keep having babies, so don't know why I try. LOL! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Hugs and love!


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