Sunday, May 24, 2020

BW21: Lamplight by May Wedderburn Cannan



Source: Penguin Book of First World War Poetry

We planned to shake the world together, you and I
Being young and very wise;
Now in the light of the green shaded lamp
Almost I see your eyes
Light with the old gay laughter; you and I 
Dreamed greatly of an Empire in those days,
Setting our feet upon laborious ways,
And all you asked of fame
Was crossed swords in the Army List.

We planned a great Empire together, you and I,
Bound only by the sea;
Now in the quiet of a chill Winter's night
Your voice comes hushed to me
Full of forgotten memories; you and I
Dreamed great dreams of our future in those days,
And all I asked of fame
A scarlet cross on my breast, my Dear,
for the swords by your name.

We shall never shake the world together, you and I,
For you gave your life away;
and I think my heart was broken by the war,
Since on a Summer day
You took the road we never spoke of, you and I
Dreamed greatly of an Empire in those days;
You set your feet upon the Western ways
And have no need of fame ---
There's a scarlet cross on my breast, my Dear,
And a torn cross with your name. 


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