Sunday, April 12, 2020

BW15: 52 Books Bingo - Transformative and Mysterious

Butterfly from adult coloring book

Happy Easter to all who celebrate. I have to admit we are all experiencing a time in which the people of the world are in the midst of a huge change. At the end of this pandemic we will all come out the other side, transformed, changed for the better I hope. We have more time to look inside ourselves and think about the who and the what and the why. We are in the midst of the mysterious and the transformative which are two of our 52 books bingo categories. Apropos, huh? From the serious to the humorous to the quirky to the scientific to the religious, there are a number of ways to go. You can go with the literal, symbolic, synonyms, or something inferred.

Transformative: That causes transformation.  To change in form, appearance, or structure; metamorphose; to change in condition, nature, or character; convert; to change into another substance; transmute.

Literature in and of itself is transformative.

Transformative books - literature to change your lives

8 Transformative Philosophy Books That Will Change How You Think

17 of the Best Christian Books that will leave you inspired

Mysterious:  F
ull of, characterized by, or involving mystery; implying or suggesting a mystery;  of obscure nature, meaning, origin, etc.; puzzling; inexplicable.

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.
 It is the life of all art and science.” ~ Albert Einstein

Have fun following rabbit trails!

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