Sunday, October 7, 2018

BW41: 52 Books Bingo - 14th Century Literature

14th Century Illuminated Manuscript

One of our 52 Book's Bingo categories is the 14th Century which ran from 1301 to 1400. Read a book written by an 14th century author, set in the 14th century, or about the 14th century.

During the 14th century, the pope transferred to Avignon, France, Edward III became King of England, then claimed the French Throne, the Hundred Years War began, the Scottish win the second war of Independence against England, the Black Plague was rampant in Europe and the Renaissance began.

Poetry flourished during this time period with the father of English poetry, Geoffrey Chaucer, Persian mystical poet Hafez, Hindu poet Vidyapati, and Christian poet Saint Catherine of Sienna. Also the rise of the alliterative verse in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, along with Pearl, Purity and Patience. Plus allegorical literature in William Langland's Piers Plowman, Chaucer's Canterbury Tales as well as Dante's Divine Comedy.

14th Century women writers included Christine de Pizan, Christine Ebner, Marguerite Porete and Julian of Norwich.

Peruse Historical Novels 14th and 15th Century stories ranging from mysteries to the black plague as well as Bookriot's 100 Must Read Medieval Historical Novels which highlights several 14th century stories including Hangman's Blind by Cassandra Clark, currently on my virtual nightstand. Plus check out Goodreads Best Books of the 14th Century as well as Popular 14th Century stories.

Have fun exploring the 14th century!


Brit Tripping

Our Brit Trip this week is taking us to Spooky London. It is a Book a Week tradition to celebrate all things Spooky in October! Join us as we explore the dark and mysterious side of London.

Rabbit trails: Jack the Ripper, Sherlock Holmes, Bram Stoker, 138 Piccadilly, More Bram Stoker , Haunted London, Unusual Museums

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