Sunday, June 10, 2018

BW24: 52 Books Bingo - exploring the 17th Century

One of our 52 Book's Bingo categories is the 17th Century. You may read a book written by an author or about the era or in which the story took place in the 17th Century. 

Dive into 17th Century Belguim, the Dutch Golden Age or Luxembourg,  or take a look at Stuff You Missed in History Class as well as go back in time to England. 

The 17th Century began with the Jacobean era in England and led into the Caroline,  Interregnum, and Restoration periods.  We had the emergence of John Milton, John Dryen, and John Bunyan as well as Daniel Defoe plus metaphysical poets such as Englishmen John Donne, John Cleveland,  Andrew Marvel, and Abraham Crowley.  The female writers of the time were Anne BradstreetAphra Behn,  Lady Mary Wortley MontaguMary Astell,  and  Madame de La Fayette.

Our Brit Trip is taking us to Essex this week, so dip into Wellcome Library's Local History: East Anglia and Essex for local family and individuals to read about.  Also check out Goodread's Essex, England,  Essex Life's Literary Inspirations and the Author who put Colchester on the Crime Writing Map.

Essex is located between London and the North Sea and when it united with the other Anglian and Saxon Kingdoms it created the single country that is now England. It is home to the oldest recorded town in England, Colchester (Camulodunum).

Rabbit trails: Hedingham Castle  Audley End House  Hylands House  Chapel of St Peter-on-the-Wall

Have fun armchair traveling as you travel through the 17th Century or following rabbit trails on the Rebels bus or exploring Essex on the Detective Bus.

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