Sunday, November 6, 2016

BW45: Bookish Babble

Come on in and have a seat.  I'm in the mood for some bookish babble.  Here in the U.S, daylight savings time is ending and we have finally reached the final act of the presidential election.  A modern Shakespearean tragedy in which we've been the captive audience of what seems to be the world's longest play. The curtain is slowly descending as the players take their final curtain call.  

Which reminds me, have you gotten a 52 books bingo yet?  Plays and fairy tale adaptations and non fiction reads will fill the bill.  In the mood to read presidential biographies, perhaps current affairs, foreign or domestic.  Or maybe you'd prefer a comedy or art.  The book blogging world is celebrating Non Fiction November so head on over to Doing Dewey for more fun and frivolity.

For a translated book, check out Halldor Laxness's Wayward Heroes which has been translated from icelandic and is now available through Archipelago books.  If you are squeamish about mysteries, try a cozy mystery instead. You can't go wrong when it comes to Arthurian stories with Mary Stewart or Marian Zimmer Bradley.  

My son has introduced me to Doctor Who and he insists I must call him The Doctor.  However, unlike me in which I'd watch every episode in order in a season, we've been doing it my son's way and sort of The Doctor's way, dropping in here and there. He's enthralled with the weeping angels right now and I haven't decided which Doctor I like the best yet.   I'm waiting for the 'mom, I gotta have this book' itis to begin.  Did you know Neil Gaiman, whose birthday is coming up this week on the 10th,  wrote three episodes for Doctor who - The Doctor's Wife and The Nightmare in Silver.  He just became a grandfather as well.

Mini Bingo challenge of the month - have a friend, family member, loved one or even query a stranger in the book store and ask them to pick a book for you to read. You may be surprised!  

Happy reading!  


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