Sunday, May 31, 2015

BW22: Judicious June

Josephine Walls Libra

Welcome to Judicious June and our theme of all things prudent, perceptive and perspicacious and our author flavor of the month - Alexandre Dumas.

We are taking a total 180 away from the cunning and conniving of Machiavellian works to concentrate on the sharp and savvy, the bright and brainy, the clever and the crafty. The door is wide open open for courtroom and legal thrillers, mystery and detective novels, as well as historical and classic novels.

Which leads us to Alexandre Dumas. He is a french historian, author and playwright who is best known for his stories - Count of Monte Cristo, The Three Musketeers, and The Man in the Iron Mask as well as an assortment of other stories. Dumas was born on July 24, 1802, in Villers-CotterĂȘts, France, to Marie Louise Labouret and General Thomas-Alexandre Davy de la Pailleterie. His father was the first black general in Napoleon's army, nicknamed the 'black devil' by Bonaparte and his exploits are the basis for The Three Musketeers.

Join me in reading all things legal and thrilling and the works of Alexandre Dumas.


 History of the Medieval World 
 Chapter 25 Elected Kings pp 172 - 179 


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  1. John Boyne's latest, 'A History of Loneliness' is an excellent, if disturbing tale of the Catholic church's cover up of sexual abuse by priests in Ireland.


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