Sunday, March 15, 2015

BW11: Cozy Mysteries

Cozy mysteries are so much fun to read. They usually involve a casual sleuth in a small town and a variety of settings (bookstore, museum, crafts shop, restaurant) as well as a variety of occupations (librarian, coffee house, reporter) with various side kicks including cats or maybe a dog or two or even a ghost.  The crime usually takes place off screen as well as any romantic interludes.  One  favorite cozy mystery author is Cleo Coyle with her Coffee House Mysteries as well as her Haunted Bookshop series. Check out her virtual coffeehouse full of coffee and muffin recipes.  Start with On What Grounds and she'll not only get you hooked on the story, but coffee recipes as well.  *grin*

Courtesy of Cleo Coyle

I also lean toward bookstore themed stories and have enjoyed Lorna Barrett's Booktown Mystery series starting with Murder is Binding.


Check out Cozy Mysteries Unlimited where you'll find every kind of cozy mystery possible.  


History of the Medieval World 
 Chapter 13 (pp 91 - 94) - Seeking Homeland (410 - 418 AD)
 Chapter 14 (pp 95 - 99) - The Gupta Decline (415 - 480 AD)

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  1. Also
    I love cozy mysteries but I've got so many books on my tbr pile as well as ARCs that everything have come to a stop. They use to be a comfort read, maybe I better pick one up and see if I get jump started. ;-)

    1. dang girl! Quick glimpse at Cozy Mysteries Unlimited and found TWO new series.

  2. hi there, cozy crime really is my forte, (cosy crime in the uk). I love the Lorna Barrett ones, I have also enjoyed the Tea Shop Mysteries by Lorna Childs, very light but fun.

  3. Week 11 - 'A Trick of the Mind' by Penny Hancock. A story of obsessive love gone wrong, not very cosy at all! A good read but a bit predictable.


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