Sunday, February 23, 2014

BW9: Follow the Rabbit Trail

Thinking - Davide Restivo

For some reason I have two words stuck in my brain - Twelve and Road.  Maybe it is because I just finished Justin Cronin's The Twelve and the characters spent a lot of time on the road. Who knows.  What do you think of when you hear the word twelve or see the number 12.  What comes to my mind are a jury, apostles, dozen eggs, months, 12 lords a leaping, knights, and time.   Road, well? A journey, travel, trails, highways, a straight line and exploring. 

Decided to check out my stacks and see what popped. In my stacks are two very dusty books,  The Road to Rome which I've just started and The Road to Jerusalem by Jan Guillou.  Obvious choices. Then, A Blind Alley, Moonlight Mile, Don't Turn Around and Invisible Bridge. Number wise, I have Tenth Stone, Twelfth Iman, 13th Tribe by Robert Liparulo.  

When I look up the road on Amazon, the first hits are The Road by Cormac McCarthy,  The Road by Jack London and On the Road by Jack Kerouac.  Of course, twelfth brings up the obvious, Shakespeare.  Wouldn't you know it. Books I wish I had in my stacks. 

Are you ready to follow some rabbit trails?  Your primary mission is to read  a book already in your stacks with a number or the word road in the title.  Your secondary mission is to see if you can find a book with both the number and a reference to a road or synonyms related to road in the title. 

Happy trails! 

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  1. This week I read "The House on the Cliff" by Charlotte Williams.


  2. Sorry ... I have JUST found how to link my book report to the site. I will try and do it regularly now I know what to do. ;)

  3. I have just entered week 6 review though I have have read a lot more. No time to put it up on the blog. Will catch up with the posting by this weekend...

  4. I forgot to post my book from last week Ash by Malindo Lo It's a Cinderella story with a couple of twists...

  5. I am also doing the 52 in 52 challenge and finished Cronin's second book in the series The Twelve.

    Keep on going. You can find my reads here:



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