Sunday, November 10, 2013

BW46: Literary Birthdays

Time to celebrate a few more author birthdays and load up your wishlists for 2014!!!

November 10 

Winston Churchill (Nobel Prize for Literature in 1953 - political/historical nonfiction)
Neil Gaiman (science fiction/fantasy novels, comics and films)
Jacob Cats (Dutch poet)
Oliver Goldsmith (Irish novelist)

 November 11 

Fyodor Dostoevsky (Russian Literature)
Kurt Vonnegut (science fiction)
Carlos Fuentes (Mexican novelist)
Mircea Dinescu (Romanian poet)

November 12

Roland Barthes (French literary critic)
Wally Shawn (American Playwright)

November 13 

Robert Louis Stevenson (Scottish novelist)

November 14

Astrid Lingren (Swedish children's writer)
Norman MacCaig (Scottish Poet)

November 15

Tim Pears (British novelist) 
Gerhart Hauptmann (Nobel Prize in literature in 1912 - German novelist)

November 16

Jose Saramago (Nobel Prize in literature in 1998 - Portuguese novelist)
Chinua Achebe (Nigerian novelist)


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  1. Hey, so cool to see a link to Jacob Cats. I've never thought of looking him up on the internet!

    And speaking of Dutch things, I linked up Snow on the Tulips. Beautiful!


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