Sunday, April 29, 2012

BW18: Japan's Golden Week

The garden of Komyozenji in Dazaifu.

My son loves Japanese monster movies and would love to go to Japan one of these years, tour Toho Studios and visit all the places Godzilla has stomped.  This week just happens to be Golden Week in Japan and they are celebrating 4 national holidays:  

April 29 is Showa Day celebrating the birthday of the former emperor Showa.

May 3 is Constitution Day. The new post war constitution was put into effect in 1947 replacing the old Meijii Constitution from 1889. Plus girls are celebrated during Girl's Festival in which families wish their daughters happy and successful lives.

May 4 is Greenery Day celebrating the environment and nature because the former Emperor Showa loved plants and nature.

May 5 is Children's Day and boys are celebrated on this day in the aptly called Boys Festival in which families pray for the healthy of future success of their sons and display samurai dolls and carp streamers which all symbolize strength, power and success.
So when or if we ever go to Japan, I'll have to remember not to go during Golden week when the whole country is on holiday.   While perusing the internet for Japan I stumbled across a great list on Goodreads  which of course lists author  Haruki Murakami who wrote "1Q84" and a list of books on Squidoo which give real insight into Japan instead of stereotypes.  Definitely an interesting selection of books and well worth checking out.  Also Benihana's restaurants are celebrating with a Children helping Drawing Contest.  Now if I can just talk my two picky eaters into going out for a Japanese meal.  


Happy Birthday to Authors 

Robert J. Sawyer - April 29
Larry Niven - April 30
Joel Rosenberg - May 1 
Andy Adams - May 3
Susan Spencer Paul - May 4 

Read one of their books in their honor!



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  1. Two books this week. Easy reads for me. Need to get back to my classics though. I miss them after this break!

  2. Finished Jacob by Jacquelyn Frank this morning and am almost finished with Gideon by the same author. This will also complete a reading challenge :D

  3. Finished a much needed quick read ... onto number 14.


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