Sunday, October 31, 2010

Book Week 44 - Q is for quirky, quick, quarrellous quackers

Book Week 44

I love Dolores Cronin's books and even at 11 years old, my son still loves to pull out her books and read them. Poor Farmer Brown - no rest for the weary. Especially when you are dealing with a barnyard full of quirky farm animals as in Duck for President

"Running a farm is very hard work.

At the end of the day, Farmer Brown is covered
from head to toe in hay, horsehair, seeds, sprouts, feathers,
filth, mud, muck and coffee stains.
He doesn't smell very good either."

But what happens when he decides to take a vacation as evidence in Giggle Giggle Quack 

"Farmer Brown was going on vacation.  He left his brother, Bob, in charge of the animals. 'I wrote everything down for you.  Just follow my instructions and everything will be fine.  But keep an eye on Duck.  He's trouble.'  Farmer Brown thought he heard giggles and snickers as he drove away, but he couldn't be sure."

He also has another problem.  They've learned to type as in Click, Clack Moo, Cows That Type.

"Farmer Brown has a problem.  His cows like to type.  All day long he hears.

Click, clack MOO.
Click, Clack, MOO.
Clickety, clack, MOO."

Doreen Cronin's quirky stories about quick, quarrellous, quackers and moody cows that type will entertain every one in the family. 

What children stories have you come across that are fun to read at any age?


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