Sunday, August 8, 2010

Book Week 32 - Finding books

Book Week 32 

What book are you in the mood for today?  Have you been hearing about a certain book in the news or noticed it in the bookstore and wondered if it is any good. Do you have a favorite author and no matter what they write, read all their books.  Where do you go to find out more about their books?   Why the blogosphere, of course.   Recently Online PhD programs announced the winners of the top 2010 50 book blogs.    There are quite a few people on the list - authors and bloggers who are well worth checking out.

I follow over 100 book, author and writing blogs and have discovered many old books, new to me authors, new and interesting books that I ordinarily wouldn't have read.  A few of my favorite book and author bloggers:

Beth Fish Reads
Carrie of Books and Movies
3 R's Blog 
Age 30 +
Literary Escapism
Reading Extravaganza
Joyfully Retired
Murderati - group mystery author blog
Running with Quills - group romantic suspense author blog
Life in the Thumb
Heidenkind's Hideaway
The Kill Zone - group mystery author blog
Hey Lady, Watcha Readin?

Which author or book blogs do you follow?



  1. I follow some book blogs, but several are aimed at librarians (such as Awful Library Books) or just about cover art. For actual reading, I only follow a few--I have too much to read already! So they are: Forever Young Adult (largely because of the hilarious Sweet Valley High drinking game, Chitra Divakaruni's blog, Bookshelves of Doom, BookMoot, and some from friends.

  2. I read anything I can of Deborah Alcock (accurate historical fiction), Rosamund Pilcher, and Piet Prins (adventure stories for children and teens).

    By the way, Robin, I only joined a month or so ago, but I do not know how to get onto the sidebar list of participants.


    Annie Kate

  3. I follow a few authors (blog & Twitter) -- mostly Lynn Viehl, Shiloh Walker, Larissa Ione, and Lilith Saintcrow, though there are others as well. I also have a couple of friends who do book reviews as a regular part of their blog, and I get good suggestions from them, as well.


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