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Book Week 29 - Coffee House Mysteries

Book Week 29

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"the perfect cup of coffee is a mystifying thing. To many of my customers, the entire process seems like some sort of alchemy they dare not try at home."  - On What Grounds

Cozy mysteries come in all shapes and sizes with interesting themes:  books, crafting, ghosts, wine and coffee to name a few.  I discovered Cleo Coyle's cozy Coffee House Mysteries a couple years back and love her style, the characters in the story line, the stories and the interesting recipes using coffee.  And what could be more fitting as I sit down to write this post with the smell of espresso permeating the kitchen as my husband prepares his morning shot. 

On What Grounds, the first book in the series introduces us to Clare Cosi, who manages the Village Blend Coffeehouse in Greenwich Village, New York.  She discovers her assistant manager unconscious in the back of the store one morning, coffee bean strewn everywhere. The police decide she had an accident, but Clare doesn't agree and sets out to investigate what happened.  Throughout the series, she puts her culinary and sleuthing talents together to investigate and help solve crimes.  The stories are wonderfully written and narrated by Clare.  Along the way, you learn about all types of coffee and all the recipes mentioned in the story are listed in the back of the book.   Have you ever tried Coffee Marinated Steak with Hearty Coffee Gravy? How about Cuppa Joe Mocha Drop Cookies or Gardner's No Bake Mocha Rum Balls.  Some recipes may be found at Coffee House Mystery and the rest you'll just have to read the books to find the recipe. Even if you aren't a coffee drinker, the recipes are mouth watering and enticing. 

Books in the Series

#1 On What Grounds
#2 Through the Grinder
#3 Latte Trouble
#4 Murder Most Frothy
#5 Decaffeinated Corpse
#6 French Pressed
#7 Espresso Shot
#8 Holiday Grind
#9 Roast Mortem - Due out August 2010

Check out The Guide to Cozy Mysteries at Cozy Mystery List.  Learn about cozy mysteries, discover new releases and cozy mystery authors.  Who is your favorite cozy mystery author?

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  1. One of my two entries this week is a cozy mystery by Georgette Heyer. I've never read one of her mysteries before! She does not, however, earn a place in my favorites list yet. Besides the obligatory Dorothy Sayers and Agatha Christie, I love:

    Margery Allingham
    Patricia Wentworth
    Ngaio Marsh
    Elizabeth Peters
    Nancy Atherton
    Dorothy Simpson

  2. I don't read many mysteries, but this looks like a good list to pick from. Thanks for the link!


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