Sunday, June 13, 2010

Book Week 24 - Things that start with X

Hmmm! According to the World Book "X is about the 23rd most frequently used letter in books, newspapers, and other printed material in English.   X, used alone or in combination with other letters, often stands for the word Christ, as in Xmas. X is the Roman number for ten.  X is used in physical science and in mathematics to denote an unknown quantity."

Some words that start with X

St. Francis Xavier
Xenon - colorless, odorless gas
Xenonphon - Greek soldier from about 355 BC)
Xenotransplant - transfer of cells, tissues, or organs from one species into another
Xerxes I - Ruled the Persian Empire during 486BC to 465 BC
Xunzi - Chinese philosopher from 245 BC
and of course, the Xylophone.

Your challenge: find a book (something that interests you, of course)  with one of these words in the title or an author whose name starts with X and read it.   My find and it sounds very interesting to boot. 

High Stakes at San Xavier by Rebecca Cramer


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  1. Well, I'm trying to read the AleXiad, a medieval book of Byzantine history. Does that count? I hope so, because I've neglected it lately and am going to pick it back up again this week.

  2. No X's for me in books this week, sorry! Sounds like a fun challenge, though.

  3. Jean: sure - we can get creative with x.

    Nicole: yep, x is hard to find.


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