Sunday, May 23, 2010

Book Week 21 -- U is for ubiquitous ambiguity

For some reason, the first thing that crossed my mind for the letter U was ubiquitous ambiguity.    Ubiquitous - being or seeming to be everywhere at the same time.  Ambiguity - uncertainty of meaning or intention.  Hmmm!  Remind you of anybody?  

U is for universal - present everywhere. U is for unusual - rare or uncommon.  U is for unique - one of a kind.  U is unknown, that is unknown to you or me until we hear or see the name, then we see it everywhere.     What books or authors have universal appeal?    Well known classics writers such as Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice or a more contemporary authors such as J.K. Rowling of the Harry Potter series.   How about French Novelist Marcel Proust, or German Essayist Thomas Mann.   Are the books with universal appeal ones that are easy to read and generally appeal to a wide audience such as James Patterson.  Do certain genres such as Mysteries or Urban fantasy or Romance have more universal appeal than Westerns or Horror?   What about utopian or dystopian?

Speaking of dystopian  (like my segue..)  check out The League of Extraordinary Writers - the new blog for 4 debut science fiction and dystopian authors: Beth Revis, Julia Karr, Angie Smibert and and Jeff Hirsch. 

What books or authors do you think have universal appeal?   What comes to mind when you hear ubiquitous ambiguity?  

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  1. Terry Pratchett is pretty universally appealing. :)

  2. Great suggestion, Jean. I'll have to check out his books.


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