Sunday, April 4, 2010

Book Week Fourteen - N is for Nobility

Nobility -  Nobleness of mind, character or spirit, exalted moral excellence

"Many Moments of his Nobility"

Of All The Moments
In Jesus’ Life
This … Is The One
Draws Me Closer To Christ

… In The Garden of
When He Prepared
To Face The Dark’s Army

On That Moonlit Night
The Agony He Felt
But What Humility
As He Nobly Knelt

The Holy Breeding
Of His Personality
Even In Such Plight
… He Proved Regally …

GOD’s Own Champion
GOD’s First-Knight
The Noble Warrior
Who Fights Our Fights

But That One, Moment
In Heaven’s Sight
Drops, Like Rubies
Glittered Bright ...

Such Was His Anguish
That His Pure Sweat
Became As Blood
Squeezed For Our Debt

And His Plea
Heart-Torn, As It Was …
Was Still Heart-Set
To His Father’s Cause

… Of All The Moments
In Jesus’ Life
This Is Another Why
I Call Him ‘Christ’ …

When They Nailed
His Feet and Hands
He Was Still, The Noblest One
In All The Land

In Pain, He Fulfilled
Prophecies Grand
Jesus, The Son Of God
Was The Greatest, Son Of Man

… and Of All The Moments
In Jesus’ Life
This One … Rends Me Speechless
‘His Holy Cries! ’

Happy Easter!!!!


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  1. Although I actually read "You're Going to Love This Kid!) early last year, I posted my review today as part of my Autism Awareness Month postings. I have a couple of other books with which I'll be doing the same throughout the month. I hope you don't mind.

  2. My link this week is a children's book that I had to review. I missed a week last week and couldn't stand not having anything to post 2 weeks in a row. I have been reading Anna Karenina though and that's not a quick read!

  3. Essentials for Life is a Christian book that helps us find out what is essential in our lives.


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