Around the World

Around the World 



We've done the continental and trekked through the various countries reading at least one book from each continent. Last year we spent a bit of time exploring and delving into whatever countries interested us the most. This year, we're going to do it all over again.  Whether you stay in the United States and read one book set in each state or attempt to read around the world, it is time to buy new hiking boots, refill your back pack and get moving.  

Read books set in and/or written by an author of a different country each week or hang out in one country, exploring their history and culture or strike out across the world, mixing and mingling.  It's entirely up to you how fast and how far and how many books you want to read.  Have fun exploring! 

  • Sightseer:          7 books
  • Wanderer:        14 books
  • Adventurer:      21 books
  • Explorer:          28 books
  • Jet setter:        35 books
  • Expeditionist:   42 books 
  • Globe Trotter:  52 books 

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