Mind Voyages

Mind Voyages is a science fiction / fantasy challenge to explore the Hugo and Nebula winners, take side trips through the different decades reading the nominees, check out Philip K. Dick and Robert Heinlein. Also, Since I can't possibly imagine a reading challenge without exploring new releases  we have the all inclusive Pluto challenge. Links to all the voyages are available on the Mind Voyages blog.

Moon Voyage : Read at least 6 winners on the Hugo Winners List

Sling shot back to Earth : Read at least 3 winners on the Nebula Winner's List

Venus Voyage: Philip K. Dick Quest - Read at least 2 of his books

Mercury Voyage : Robert Heinlein Quest - Read at least 2 of his books

Mars Voyage : Read at least 6 winners on the Hugo List and take a side trip through the 21st century and read at least 4 nominees.

Go into Warp Drive and visit the other planets

Jupiter Voyage : Go side tripping 90's Style

Saturn : Go Side Tripping 80's Style

Uranus : Go Side Tripping 70's Style

Neptune Voyage : Go Side Tripping through the 50's and 60's

The I'm going to Pluto because Pluto is still a planet as far as I'm concerned Voyage: Mix it up, choose the number of books you want to read from each voyage, include some new books you pick up along the way and enjoy the ride.