Crime Spree



Created for your enjoyment by Sandy and Amy 

Scandals, felonies, riddles, oh my! Are you ready to follow in the footsteps of amateur sleuths to the most seasoned of detectives, of all ages, from all stages, around the world and back again.  

Grab your thinking caps and remember Sherlock Holmes seven investigation strategies: Define the mystery, approach with a blank mind, analyze everything, stay sharp and logical, listen, never underestimate anyone, and learn to recognize the most important facts. 

Fill your backpacks with the tools of the trade:  Magnifying glasses and binoculars, flashlights  and cameras, notebooks and writing instruments and snacks for those long stake outs. And maybe a disguise so they don't recognize and confuse you with the real criminals.
Dive into the world of clues and conundrums, the crafty and the cagey, with quick and clever criminals and detectives and join us for a  Crime Spree. 

January --  Grandparents of Crime 

February -- Romantic Suspense 

March --  Golden Age

April --  Classic Children's Mysteries

May --  Historical Mysteries

June -- Religious Characters

July --  The Americans

August --  True Crime 

September --  Police Procedural 

October -- Unreliable Narrator

November --  Around the World

December -- Christmas/Holiday Themed Mysteries

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