Assorted Mini's

Master list of assorted mini challenges that will pop up here and there throughout the 52 weeks:

2 x 9:  Read two books in nine categories for 2018
3 x 3 x 3:  Read three books in three series in three categories
Pick a theme for 2018 and read one book per month from that theme. 
Centuries Challenge from 10th through 21st.  Read one book per century per month
Read at least three books by or about dead or living feminist authors 
Mystery challenge - Read one mystery book per month.
Read an author banned by the Nazis during World War II
Read the book, the watch the movie
Read at least one book from each Dewey Decimal Category
1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die - Pick one from 2000, 1900s, 1800s, 1700s or pre 1700s

Read the next book in that series you've been meaning to get to

Revisit an old friend


Pick a book based on the cover 
Pick a book with a color in the title
Pick a book with a number in the title
Pick a book with season in the title

Read a book about food:  Chef Memoir, History of food, etc.
Read a book by a Nobel Prize winner in Literature
Read a book by an Award winner
Read a book published in 2018

Read a book of History 
Read a book of poetry
Read a Biography
Read a British Mystery
Read a Cartel or Noir Fiction
Read a Classic
Read a Contemporary Mystery/Thriller
Read a Cozy Mystery 
Read a dystopian novel
Read a historical fiction
Read a Humor Book 
Read a Memoir
Read a Play 
Read a retelling of a fairy tale
Read a Translated book 
Read a Travel book

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