2017 Monthly Themes and Readalongs

2017 Themes and Author Flavors

Annual Readalong  -  The Story of Western Science by Susan Wise Bauer

Jubilant January:  Garnet  /  Haruki Murakami

Festive February:   Amethyst /  South American Authors

Mystery March:  Aquamarine /  Nordic Countries authors

Artistic  April:   Diamond / India and Africa authors

Eastward May - Emerald  / Eastern European authors/Somerset Maughan (Razer's Edge) 

Fantasy June:   Pearl or Alexandrite  / 20th Anniversary of Harry Potter

Scifi July:   Ruby / Octavia Butler  (Dawn)

Adventurous August:   Sardonyx, Peridot or Spinel /  Dorothy Dunnett (Niccolo Rising)

Sappy and Suspenseful September:  Sapphire  /  Romance and suspense

Spooky and Spectacular October:  Opal or Tourmaline / Russian Authors  

Nonfiction November:  Topaz or Citrine   /  Nonfiction

Delightful December:  - Turquoise, Tanzanite or Zircon  /  Winter 

Birthstone Bookology -  Year long reading challenge 

Josephine Wall Underworld 

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