Dusty and/or Chunky

Dusty and/or Chunky Mini Challenge

I dare you not to buy any new books until you've cleared a few of those dusty or chunky books from your TBR pile.  You know, the ones that have been calling your name but you've been ignoring them in favor of that brightly polished,  got to read it now, new book.  Ah!  The siren song of new books. They sing so sweetly, but stop and listen and you'll hear the clear bell tones of an old friend lonely on the shelf crooning your name. 

The dusty books are the ones that have been sitting on your shelves for a while - you know which ones.

The chunky books are more than 500 pages long and will take a bit more time, but oh so worth it. 

I dare you not to buy any new books

One for the money - 1 month
Two for the show - 2 months
Three to get ready - 3 months
Four to go - 4 months

Dusty Books
Safe in the Harbor - 2 Books
Sail on Sweet Sister - 4 Books
Life in the Dark Water  - 6 Books
Beyond the Sea  - 8 Books
The Voyage  - 10 Books or more

Chunky Books - Come Sail Away 

The Tide is High  - 2 books
Down to the Water Line  - 4 books
Big Boat  - 6 books
 Big Ship Sailing  - 8 books
Mother Ocean  - 10 books or more

Mix and match any way you like


  1. I'm trying this, thank you! I didn't see where to sign up so here's my link. http://juliesreadingroom.blogspot.com/p/dusty-andor-clunky-mini-challenge.html

    1. Looks like you figured it out. Glad you decided to jump in. Have fun with the chunky book!

  2. Chunky books are longer than 500 WORDS? Did you mean 500 PAGES?

    1. Lol! See, I needed a proofreader. Yes, I'll fix that.

  3. Sounds like a great challenge :D and exactly what I need lol. I think I'll be joining x

    1. Awesome, Amy! Enjoy perusing your shelves for dusty books.